Click Animate 2.0 Review – You don’t have until tomorrow

Now you can transform ANY boring site into

an animated ATTENTION-Grabber
ClickAnimate Makes ANY Webpage 

Animated & Engaging in Seconds 
Get Your Traffic to Stick Around, Pay Attention & Convert

For the next day or so it’s just $17.

It’s called Click Animate 2.0 and it allows you to easily make any site or landing page dynamic and eye-catching.

(don’t worry about what page builder or site platform you have, it works with every site and landing page builder).

Here are a few ways you can use ClickAnimate to boost conversion rate:

(note: this will work as long as you have an offer your traffic wants or needs)

• Use ClickAnimate to make the benefits of your offer, product, or even an opt-in clear by animating headlines so they actually get read.

• Use ClickAnimate to time-delay elements of your page that you don’t want traffic to see until they are “hooked.” Remember: Nothing turns people off like thinking right away “I’m being sold.”

• Use ClickAnimate to easily animate call to action statements and buy buttons so they stand out on the page.

• Use ClickAnimate to make proof images or testimonials visually interesting so they actually get seen by traffic.

• Use ClickAnimate to keep people on the page long enough to SEE that you have something they need.

The possibilities are endless, but these are great places to start!

Click Animate 2.0 Review – How It Works?

You already have the formula down…

Step 1
Targeted Visitors Who Need
Your Offer (Clicks)

Step 2
Offer You Know Your Traffic
Needs (Your Product)

Step 3
Keep Them There Until they
Realise It (Conversions)

Get Access to ClickAnimate, Keep People On the Page,
and Immediately Boost Your Conversions
If you have an offer your traffic needs, the ONLY way to increase
sales is to GET them to pay attention.

ClickAnimate gets people to pay attention.

No expensive Conversion Rate Optimization required.

No web developers.

No new headlines, new copy, no new hooks, new images.

No new offers or lead magnets.

No extra time or money wasted.
Just add dynamic elements like delayed buy buttons & eye-catching headlines and ‘can’t
miss’ images with a few quick clicks. People will stay longer. More of them will convert.
Think about it… the only reason you’re reading this
sentence is because I animated it.
But, if you’re a marketer who is STILL reading this and deciding if you
need Click Animate for your site, you needed to read that sentence to understand
the power of Click Animate…

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